The Oak:
WashCo Youth Center

The Oak - WashCo Youth Center

A safe place for young people to gather, learn and collaborate.


A space of their own...

An oak tree is resilient. It can handle the weight of the heaviest snow fall and stand tall against the stiffest of wind storms. The oak tree provides food and shelter to the fauna of its ecosystem. It's good symbolism, right!?

The Oak: WashCo Youth Center will address social determinants of health and deliver program activities to support youth in realizing their most resilient self. Rural communities have an age-old local challenge: What is there for young people to do in our community? The facility will engage youth in prosocial activities that are facilitated by vetted professionals. The programs offered at the Oak will range from recreational activities to skill building groups.

You can stay up to date on events and activities by following us on social media or by checking our calendar below.

What the youth center offers:

A welcoming environment with structured activities

Leadership programs, youth led groups and many recreational opportunities

Evidence based social emotional learning, and skill building groups

Special events

Reservation space for youth serving agencies


Youth Center Events

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register my youth for each day they plan to attend?

No, registration for each day is not required. However if your youth has not attending The Oak before, weask that you fill out a simple registration form with contact information. The registration form can bedone online on The Oak webpage. There are some events that we ask for a pre-check for if the youthplans to attend. This helps us plan, you will still be allowed to attend events if they did not fill out a pre-check.

Do you provide transportation?

Transportation may be available for special events. A signup is required for transportation and will beadvertised if it is available.

Are meals provided?

Snacks are provided at The Oak at specified snack times. On special events days, there is often a mealserved, if a meal is served it will be advertised on our website, social media, and event flyers. Youth areencouraged to bring a lunch or dinner with them if they are planning to spend the day at The Oak. Afridge, microwave, dishes, stove and over are available for them to use if needed.

Is my youth required to stay at The Oak the entire day?

Youth are encouraged to stay at The Oak once they arrive however they are not required unless theirparent has communicated they wish their youth to remain at The Oak until picked up. If youth choose toleave, they are asked to notify their parents and to let a staff member know where they are going andwhen they plan to return.

Are cell phones allowed?

Yes, youth are allowed to use their cell phones while at The Oak. We ask youth use them responsibly andencourage them to engage with their peers.

What will my youth do at The Oak?

The Oak is a safe place for YOUth to be with their peers. The Oak offers an array of activities youth candecide to participate in such as board games, card games art, ping pong, pool, air hockey, darts, foosball,video games, movies, art, basketball, ball sports and more. At times we have special events or themesthat activities are centered around. Youth are also welcome to just hang out with their peers while at The Oak.

Who are the staff at The Oak?

The Oak is staffed by the Washburn County Prevention Team. You can find more information about whothey are on About Healthy WashCo webpage. The Oak also uses staff from area youth serving agenciesat times for special events. All staff are vetted by the county.

Does my youth need to be checked in or checked out?

Youth will check in when they arrive. We ask youth let a staff member know when they are leaving, wherethey are going or who is picking them up. The time a youth leaves is noted as them checking out.

How can I find out more about upcoming programs at The Oak?

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View events on our Website

Who can I contact if I have questions?

Questions about The Oak can be directed to Jacquie Buchmann, Youth Program Specialist. Jacquie hasan office at The Oak and oversees programming and staffing at The Oak.

715-635-4416 is The Oak’s Phone Number, best number to use if you are looking to get ahold ofsomeone during programing or your youth is currently at The The Oak’s Phone Number, best number to use if you are looking to get ahold ofsomeone during programing or your youth is currently at The Oak.

Jacquie can also be contact on her work cell 715-645-9576 or by email

Youth Programs

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