The Oak:
WashCo Youth Center

A safe place for young people to gather, learn and collaborate.


A space of their own...

An oak tree is resilient. It can handle the weight of the heaviest snow fall and stand tall against the stiffest of wind storms. The oak tree provides food and shelter to the fauna of its ecosystem. It's good symbolism, right!?

The Oak: WashCo Youth Center on Oak Street will address social determinants of health and deliver program activities to support youth in realizing their most resilient self. Rural communities have an age-old local challenge: What is there for young people to do in our community? The facility will engage youth in prosocial alternative activities that are facilitated by vetted professionals. The programs offered at the Oak will range from recreational activities to skill building groups. The youth center is the first of its kind in Washburn County and it will render many positive opportunities for young people in our community.

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What the youth center offers:

A welcoming environment with structured activities

Leadership programs and youth led groups

Evidence based social emotional learning, and skill/ educational building groups

Special events

Reservation space for youth serving agencies


Youth Center Events

Youth Programs

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