How do I donate?

You cant make a donation on this website! We use a secure plateform called Stripe. Monetary donations can be mailed to PO BOX 250 Shell Lake, WI 54871 or 304 2nd St. Shell Lake, WI 54871 ATTN: Prevention Team. We also accept in-kind donations to support our youth programs and events. All proceeds generated through monetary donation directly fund programming costs. As an example, that might be the food and boarding costs for the Youth Leadership Adventure.

What does it cost to participate in your programs?

Healthy Washco programs are provided at no cost to the participant. At this time we are able to accomplish this through grant funds. The approximate program cost per student participating in leadership programming specifically is $250 each.

How do we know prevention efforts are working?

We can observe changes in local data and trends. Many of our programs identify at-risk individuals and connect them with resources. Anecdotally, we have directly observed the benefits our programs have had on the youth we work with.

Does HealthyWashCo face any challenges?

One challenge that HealthyWashCo has faced are the limitations of human resources in a rural community.

The community is unaware of the prevalence of mental health challenges and substance misuse. The complexity and interconnection of these issues makes addressing them complicated. There is no easy fix. It takes time and commitment from the community for meaningful change to occur. Unfortunately, most traditional funding sources are looking for very short-term measurable outcomes. Individual, group and community social norms do not change in a linear fashion, nor quickly. Sustainable community change is not a sprint, it's a marathon.

In short, grant funding to support programming is inherently unsustainable.

How do you fund your prevention programs?

Washburn County Health and Human Services is the fiscal agentof Healthy WashCo. The program and staffing costs are funded by the followinggrants: Drug Free Communities, Brighter Futures Initiatives, CommunityPartnerships for Diversion from Youth Justice and the Strategic PreventionFramework - Partnerships for Success grant. We also receive some communitysupport from local businesses and individuals. All costs associated with prevention programming are delivered to the community at zero tax levy.

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